Our history

Released V1.0.1

Finally we have released v1.0.1 and it's big day for us. Waited for this day for 2 years, there is too much hard works and dedications to build this ERP. Hat-sup to our team who has contributed in this release. Features in this release : Lesson Plan Chat Module Single Student Multi-class Allow Menu Manager Admin Section Student Info Academics Study Materials Fees Collections Accounts Human Resource Leave Management Examination Online Examination Home Work Communication


We present an easily approachable, user-friendly and dynamic school management software that benefits for academic excellence. Whole administrative needs of academic institutions can be served with this integrated software, featured with multi-user interface. Edx School lets school administration get organised by involving parents, teachers and employees. Setting up the Edx School Management ERP system is too simple and convenient and would take only about 1-2 hours. Through a series of technical tests, this software is made sure to provide uninterrupted management of schools.